“We are addressing all the trouble areas on The Lakes and are very happy with the progress we’re making. We hope the membership is noticing as well.”
– Pelican Lakes Golf Superintendent Jeff Orr.

The 2017 summer golf season is in full swing, and that means hot weather, full tee sheets and hopefully satisfied customers. 

Whenever Pelican Lakes Golf Superintendent Jeff Orr implements a new technique or strategy, he always keeps the membership in mind. He recently provided a few updates on what he and his dedicated staff is doing to improve the course conditions, specifically on the front 9 of The Lakes.

Lakes Hole #1: “We have implemented all seeding practices in the fairway. In a matter of weeks, or a month, we will install sod on the low spots, and drains that empty into the lake.”
Lakes Hole #2: “We are managing all areas that don’t need drainage and continue to seed. We are excited with how well the middle of the fairway has taken root. The fairway looks good. We’re still addressing the trouble areas near the green, and they are looking good as well.”
Lakes Hole #3: We will lay more sod on the right side of the fairway in a few weeks. The drainage there is really good.”
Lakes Hole #5: “While the hole is not cart path only, we would encourage people to keep carts off of the fairway as much as possible. The fairway has improved a great deal, but less wear-and-tear on it would be nice.”
Lakes Hole #6: “Members have probably noticed that we have ripped out a large section of sod in the fairway. We will have new sod in place before the member-member. I’m confident that area will improve. We’re also putting in drains and sod past the left fairway bunker and near the waste bunker.”
Lakes Hole #9: “We will strip the sod on the approach area in front of the green and install drains and resod.”

Lakes Hole #12: “The area in the middle of the fairway is the back flow for the river. I’m not worried about it too much.”
Lakes Hole #13: “We will keep the pump on the left side of the fairway in the river as long as we need to. It’s really helped a bunch this year.”
Lakes Hole #16: “We have installed a drain in front of the ladies tee box that goes into the river. We will plant native grass seed on the berm to the left of the ladies tees.”
Lakes Hole #18: “This fall and winter we will address the river taking out the left rough. We will put large rocks and create a sea wall there that will lessen the amount of erosion on that bank.” 

Orr also mentioned his staff will cut and paint new cups every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and will roll greens every Thursday. 

In closing, Orr wanted to thank the membership and everyone who’s played The Lakes and The Falls this year for their continued support and encouragement during this enhancement process. “My staff and I have received a bunch of positive feedback, and we’re very appreciative of the comments. We are trying to figure out the best practices to implement on the troubled spots on the course, and hope everyone has noticed.”