25 Highlights in 25 Weeks: Highlight #11 – The Peanut: Northern Colorado’s Infamous Slab of Granite

Pelican Lakes Resort & Golf turns 25 on July 12, 2024! To celebrate, we are listing the top 25 moments in Pelican Lakes’ history. These events are not ranked and highlight the biggest events, features, and happenings at the distinguished 27-hole facility in Northern Colorado.

Blog 11 out of 25: The Peanut – Northern Colorado’s Infamous Slab of Granite

If you’ve ever enjoyed a post-round beverage or meal at Pelican Lakes, there’s a high likelihood you either sat at The Peanut, noticed it, or overheard boisterous laughter radiating from it.

For those who have no idea what we’re referring to, put simply, The Peanut is a 2-1/2-inch thick, 13-foot long and at the most 4-foot-wide beautiful red granite high top table placed near the windows inside The Sand Bar. To learn more about The Sand Bar, the sports bar at Pelican Lakes, click HERE to read about it in a previous blog post.

It’s without a doubt one of the most recognizable features of our facility.

The Peanut has played host to card games, business deals, scorecard reflections, birthday parties, spilled drinks, and tall tales. Thousands of napkins have been used as journals of ideas both grand and ridiculous. If the Peanut had ears…

The Peanut has lived in two different locations at Pelican Lakes. Its original location was in the bar area of The Grillhouse, now rebranded as The Lodge. The Peanut was positioned along the west windows near the bar and was immediately the location where deals were brokered, and friendships blossomed. A person or two may have stood atop it while celebrating such events as a hole in one, or to accentuate general orneriness (this may or may not have happened.)

After over a decade of benefiting from direct west sunlight and being the first point of contact for new Pelican Lakes members and Water Valley residents, and experiencing eraser marks on scorecards, The Peanut was relocated one story below to a newly created space called The Sand Bar.

A crane was used in May of 2014 to lower the heavy slab of granite to the main level of the Pelican Lakes clubhouse and crews maneuvered it into its current location in The Sand Bar.

The Sand Bar opened to the public Memorial Day weekend in 2014 with not only The Peanut in its new location, but three indoor golf simulators, two dozen TVs and a full bar.

Since then, visitors would likely have heard a variation of the following phrase, “Do you want to sit at The Peanut?” or “Last time I saw him, he was standing near The Peanut.”

The Peanut has been one of the main constants at Pelican Lakes. Besides the annual migration of the American White Pelican, one thing guests can count on is being able to eat, drink and watch sports from the comfort of The Peanut.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of sitting at our famed Peanut, make sure you park yourself at it next time you visit The Sand Bar!